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Earn Amazon Gift Cards…

February 3, 2011

This is where I earn my AMAZON gift cards!   Yes!!! Join Swagbucks and use it as your search engine to earn points to search. How many times do you search on the internet a day?! Why not get PAID in gifts and gift cards to search. Random searches earn you points. I can usually win a few times a day!  So to earn the most points follow these tips.

1.  Every 2-3 hours search a few things from their site. You can usually get about 3-4 wins a day.  Midnight Central the search is really hot and you can win several from about 12-12:30!  EARN about 35 points a day.

2.  Become fans of the on facebook!  If there is a code you will see the entire wall saying “Thank you” to TSG.  They you can find the code quickly! usually get at least an 8 point code a day!

3.  4 free points a day (quick clicks) Toolbar one search, Daily Poll, Survey (just click don’t have to take survey), and NOSO.

4.  Sign up for FB connect!  Anyone that click on any of your links you earn a referral!  Any of their “search” points you earn too (only their first 1000…(only one account per household).  If you can get a referral or two to win you about 30 search points a day that would be awesome!


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