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One great way to win FREE stuff is by joining contests!

The best way to win contests is by helping yourself go viral. You can find many contests and sweepstakes. Some are as easy as re-tweeting a message that a company posts. You may also find tons of blogs that hold contests where all you have to do is leave a comment. I win free movie premiere tickets all the time for the Kansas City area. There is nothing more fun then going to a FREE movie AND it being one that hasn’t even hit the theatres yet! What a great date to save $20!!!

One contest website that you can enter to win a lot of free stuff is called Brickfish. allows you to enter contests and get your friends to go to your site and click on a link to vote. Companies get the advantage of allowing all contest entries to post their contest all over the internet to get their name across.

Last year, I won a contest for having the most “likes” on a picture from!  I won a $250 gift card and scored some awesome shades!

Please don’t post referral links but if you have a link to a facebook contest or a “like” my picture contest.  You may comment on this page and ask for votes :).


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